“I wish the girl hadn’t fed the baby. I’m so full right now and she doesn’t want to nurse.” Kaylee put the baby in the bassinet in the Captain’s bunk. “Guess I should pump. Ugh.”
Mal kissed  the top of her head. “Have a lie down first. You’ve been runnin’ since early early. You look tuckered.”
“I’m a mess. Too tired to do anything but feed the baby, Was I like this with Derry?”
“Yep. And he was more fussy.  Still runnin’ us ragged too. I think then was the first time I ever saw you less than cheerful. ‘Ceptin’ times when folks was shootin’ at you, course.”
“So glad that Simon come up with the clinics. That gives us good reason to visit places and keeps the bottom line covered too. Makes the crime more economic and fewer bullets.”
“Aw, mei-mei, smuggling ain’t zactly crime. Just avoidin’ nosy oversight, ‘sall”
“An’ that’s why we always seem to set down in somebody’s back forty, well away from the Customs posts, late at night…” she snorted as Mal started to tickle her.
“Well, we have ourselves a new Ambassador in Simon anyways. “  Mal laughed and paused.
“We didn’t really have Nara as Ambassador for long after Miranda, Mal. By then the illness had really taken hold and when that bastard … retirement to the Mother House was really the best option.”
Mal hugged his wife a little tighter and Kaylee gasped. “Ooh- too tender. Not so tight.”
“Sorry darlin’. … still a week to go, eh?”
“Simon says ‘It would be prudent’. “
“Not sure that he isn’t just tryin’ to keep us apart. Discarded sweetheart an’ all.”
“Oh, c’mon Mal. He took long enough, and then his idea of lettin’ me down gentle was to tell me he was sly. And now he has a man in every port, it seems.”
“Yeah, he got over that proper stuff once he accepted who he was and who he wanted to be.”
“Still.” murmured Kaylee. “Another week.”
“Want that lie-down now?”
“Yeah. Help me with this gown? “
Kaylee rested her head on Mal’s  broad shoulder as he unlaced the back of the white dress. She pulled it off and Mal hung it in the closet. When he turned back to the bed, Kaylee had also removed her bra and was massaging her swollen breasts.
“You are the prettiest woman I’ve seen all day.”
“Oh you liar! A Companion House full of some of the most beautiful women in the ‘Verse and you come out with that gui fen.”
“None of them have a smile like yours. None of them has eyes like yours. None of them has breasts like yours. None…”
She batted at him…”I’m too tired for your sweet talk. And my breasts are all swollen and veiny blue.”
Mal kissed her breasts softly.” You are exquisite. Sweet.“ He kissed her nipples. And started a little when his mouth filled with her milk. Then he smiled .  “I know how we can relieve the pressure without the pump or waking the baby. “
He nuzzled into her latching on to her nipple and sucking greedily. Kaylee sighed as her milk came down and she felt the familiar warm tingle that nursing her babies gave her.  Mal sucked on her breast, stroking her back , sliding his hand under her ass, cupping the other breast.
Kaylee was a little breathless. “You uh you better do both or I’ll be lopsided, “ she gasped.
“Can’t have you less than perfect, can I?” And he switched to her other side, nuzzling into her bosom. His hands moved from her ass to her stomach, still loose from childbirth, and Kaylee, suddenly shy, pushed his hand away. He murmured a little and moved his hand down to her thigh and then up again to her clit.
The touch of his fingers made her gasp. He knew exactly what unmade her. The pressure of his palm moving against her mound, then gently pinching the tiny clit between his fingers made her body tense more and more.  Still suckling on her breast, he moved a finger into her, then another.
She cried out and he stopped. “I’m not hurting you am I?” he asked, worried.
“Oh no. That just feels so good. It’s been weeks since I had you in me and I really need you. “
He kissed her and she tasted her own sweet milk on his tongue. “ We can’t. Doctor’s orders. Next week. Next Saturday. She’ll be six weeks on Saturday. And mummy and daddy will have a private birthday party.”
“And face to face,” laughed Kaylee. “That last month of spoony fucking was nice enough, but I do like kissin’ you. “
He grinned and kissed her again. Their tongues licked tenderly and they tasted of milk.
“If you were any more horny before the baby arrived, she would have been born with a dent on her forehead.”
“What can I say? Maybe I’m just a little slutty?”
“I am the luckiest man in the ‘verse. My woman gives me babies and some of the best lovin’ known to man.”  He paused . “River is right. Simon is a boob. He could have had you and yet he let you go. I am the luckiest man in the ‘Verse”
“Aww, you know I’ve always loved my Captain. Simon was just a crush. I’d never met anyone quite like him and he was interestin’. And cute. Real shwae.”
“And if he hadn’t let you go, I wouldn’t have had to wipe your tears and kiss it better.” And he kissed her better again.
Kaylee laughed. “And you were moonin’ over Inara at the time anyways. “
Mal sighed. “She was a vision, wasn’t she? Like you say, interestin’. Taught me a lot about women. “
“Yeah, me too.”
Mal started.
“What ? You thought it was all hairdressing and talking about clothes? She taught me a lot about how to please a man. And what pleased me, come to that. No more wham bam thank you ma’m, after a few lessons from Inara!”
“You slept with Inara?”
“Not a wink. Why waste time? “
“She was a teacher at the heart. All that trainin’, for a job she really didn’t like. Poor woman. Her students loved her, but we were the closest family at her funeral. Her own folks didn’t come. And you were the only one who felt close enough to wear black.”
“Well, I loved her. Not the way I love you. Different. But real enough.”
“And it’s shiny. We both got the benefit of knowin’ and lovin’ her. Kiss me again?’
Mal ‘s mouth fastened over her clit, suckling as hard as he had nursed on her breasts. Kaylee moaned as the tension in her mounted and released.
He moved back up to nestle her head on his shoulder. He loved how she would relax so completely after orgasm.
“Maybe we could name the baby Inara?”
“No.” said his wife.
Apparently some think this fits into a ‘kink’ category. None of those readers have put up with the discomfort when the baby does not want to nurse. And pumping is annoying. So this is both practical and sexy as hell. Which is even more annoying in those first six weeks of recuperation from childbirth.
And would you name a baby after a past lover? Especially one you shared with your spouse?


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