When Kaylee opened her eyes, Mal was gazing at her. His face was solemn. For over a minute, they were silent.
“Good morning.” “Good morning.”
Mal stroked Kaylee’s cheek. His eyes were moist and as he touched her, tears formed.
Kaylee felt tears form in her own eyes. She pulled herself towards the captain and kissed his mouth. Softly with her lips closed. He sighed.
“What do we do next bao bei?” he asked.
She kissed him again. “You sometimes think too much Mal. Personally I’ve gotta pee. ” And she pulled herself over him to the other edge of his narrow bed, stopping for a few seconds to savour his solid  body beneath her own and to rub her breasts again his bare chest. Then she skipped across the captain’s dorm room and used the fold down commode.
She washed her hands, then, feeling sticky and sweaty from their vigourous night, used the cloth to give herself a swift “society bath” as her mama had called it.
She bounced back to the narrow bed, where Mal was looking stunned at her matter of fact attitude to what had opened  an unexpected door. She pushed him aside as she climbed in beside him. “Go and make your self clean again” she said and as he obeyed , she added “是圣洁的 Mal, you have a really cute bum.” She laughed again as she saw the blush rising up his chest to his face. Who knew that the tough captain could be embarrassed by a slightly bawdy compliment?

“I should git started with the day…” he muttered.

Kaylee was dumbfounded that the confident and skilled lover of the previous night was acting like the Ferris boy back home whose parents were real churchy types. When Kaylee was able to catch the eye of the boy, and show him some interesting things a boy could do with a girl, he too had been enthusiastic during and embarrassed after.

“Mal, bao bei, you are a prude.” she exclaimed, “C’mere and let’s go again, put that mornin wood to best use. We’re in the black with nothin goin on for days. Who’d notice us disappearin for a few more hours?”
Mal was still looking embarrassed.
This chapter basically is set before Serenity took on any more passengers. Things change when the Tams arrive and Kaylee takes an interest in the handsome and exotic young doctor, so different from the “rimrats” she knows.


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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