Before the series. Wash and Kaylee have joined the crew.

Mal saw the purplebelly patrol before Kaylee, who was inspecting some pears at a fruit stall in the Boros marketplace.
Pulling her into an alley, he pushed her up against the wall and covered her mouth with his, hiding their faces.
Kaylee was startled, but made no objection, and when Mal thought the patrol had passed, he opened his eyes and broke the kiss.
“Sorry, mei mei, I didn’t want the feds to see us so soon after that last job here. You okay?”
“Sure, cap’n. You can have me up against a wall anytime you like.”
Kaylee sauntered back to the fruit stall.
“Well, that’s good. “ thought Mal, “Hey, what did she say!”


About femmefan1946

Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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