Kaylee was unsure what to do about it. The whole thing was out of her experience. She was no blushing virgin and enjoyed sex play, even when she was just a kid of fourteen playing you show me yours with the town boys.
But this was out of her experience, and she didn’t know what to do. Still, if Inara didn’t know if this was strange or wrong…. But it didn’t feel wrong…. Just …strange.
The young mechanic knocked shyly at the shuttle door.
“Come in mei mei,” invited the Companion. “How lovely to have you visit. I was just making tea.”
The two young women chatted over delicately scented cups. Kaylee contemplated how different Inara’s Core background was from her own out here on the Rim. Even the tea, delicate in gracefully decorated cups was more refined than mugs of pekoe only slightly cooled by milk.
“Sophisticated.” Said Kaylee.
“Um. Thank you?”
“No Nara, you are so much more sophisticated. Fancy. Than I am.”
“That’s why we make such good friends, meimei. You ground me when I get too fancy and forget how to enjoy …. Well, just enjoy.”
“Nara.” Kaylee started tentatively. “Nara if somethin’ feels good, could it be bad?”
“Of course, Kaylee. Some things feel good for a short time but can be bad even dangerous . Like drugs or even too much food.”
“Not likely to get too much food on Serenity. It’s been short rations a lot of the time.” Kaylee grumbled. “Anyways. I was wondering if any of your clients…”
“You know I can’t talk about my clients, Kaylee.”
“No, not specific-like. But some of them might want to do things that are unusual?”
“Well, it depends on what you call unusual. I’ve been asked to do a fair bit of playacting in my career. But at the Mother House we had classes in that, including costume improvisation and safety drills.”
“Umm. Well something happened that… there were no costumes involved…no clothes at all, actually.” Now Kaylee was giggling.
“Your partner…” And Inara wondered who Kaylee’s partner might be. They had left their last port nearly a week ago and Kaylee had only been off the ship for a few hours scouring the junkyards for usable engine parts. She started again. “Your partner didn’t hurt you did he?”
“What! No! It was nice, but… weird. But it felt real good.” She drew a deep breath. “We was kissin and he was kissin my boobs and then he was going down my belly and he kissed my … well not my cunt exactly, Actually I think he was sucking as much as anything and it felt real nice and then …. I went all melty and hot and tight and twitchy and I screamed and he stopped. And apologized.”
“Uh, Kaylee. I thought you were quite experienced with boys. “
“Oh yeah, I’ve been ruttin away for moren six years now. I like boys and they like me. And I like sexin too. But he wasn’t inside me or anything and even when a boy’s inside it feels nice for the few minutes….”
“Few…Oh.” Inara suppressed a laugh. Kaylee, you’ve never had an orgasm before?”
“THAT was an orgasm? Like when boys come?”
“Well, yes, from your description. And didn’t you know that girls come too? Haven’t you ever touched yourself ?”
“Well, yeah. But he wasn’t touching me with his fingers. He was using his mouth, his tongue. It was weird. “
“But nice?”
“Oh, yeah!”
“And nobody has ever done that for you before?”
“No. Is it healthy? “
“I have a book. Actually several.  There are diagrams. But yes, perfectly healthy. I’m just sorry it took so long for you to find such a ……………..lover. Do you like him?”
“Always have. But I only just started putting moves on him. Seems to be going good though.”
Inara was running through the limited possibilities on the spaceship. She was intrigued that Kaylee had started the relationship. But it was not her business. Teaching how to enjoy sex and how to stay safe, must be the extent of her help to Kaylee.


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