Kaylee was on fire. She wanted to scream as she clenched around Mal’s cock and buried her face in his neck to keep as quiet as possible.
Mal grunted softly as his balls tightened and he came with a hot rush. Kaylee felt his hot seed and fell apart with her own orgasm, moaning into Mal’s flesh.
They held each other closely, panting. Kaylee brushed Mal’s forelock out of his eyes and wiggled her hips against his, tightening and releasing his cock inside her in a way that, sometimes, gave him new vigour.

“Mummy?” came a sleepy voice across the small bunkroom. “Mummy?”
She sighed and kissed her husband quickly. “I’m here, Derry. Go back to sleep.”
“Can I have some water, Mummy?”
“You can get it for yourself, sweetheart. Don’t wake Daddy.”
Captain Daddy was obviously not asleep, she knew. His big hands were cupping her bare ass, pulling her closer to him, even as his cock was slowly leaving her. And those satin lips were kissing her forehead.
She could hear their small son slip from his cot and make his way to the sink, run water and drink. Then as she expected, his hot little body was clambering in with his parents.
“Ooh, baby boy. There’s not enough room for all of us in this bed. Kiss Mummy and go back to your own bed, there’s a love.”
“I like it here. There’s room. I don’t snore like the Captain.”
“Hey” protested his father.
Mal’s hands were on her belly now, stroking the hard bump that Simon had just the previous day confirmed was a new child on the way.
“Don’t wiggle, Captain,” admonished the boy. “There ‘s only room for you if you sleep quietly.”
“早熟小子”  he responded. His hand moved from her belly to her clit. Kaylee shuddered.
“Now, Derry. You’re too big to be sleeping in this bed. In fact, we should…uh uh… Mal, don’t … don’t you think… perhaps Derry is big enough to have his own bunk? Ooh. Shiny. ”
“My own bunk? Like Jayne or River?” the boy was dazzled. “Hope doesn’t have her own bunk!”
“Well, you’d have to show you can sleep by your own self first. So go on over to your own bed now.”
“Okay, Captain!”

Mal had risen early and cooked breakfast for himself and the children. As they tucked into bowls of cornmeal porridge , with dried cranberries stirred in, golden syrup and almond milk Kaylee slowly emerged, a bit wan and got some cold leftover rice from the fridge, which she ate cautiously, adding a few drops of soy sauce for savour. Zoe, seeing her daughter already fed, poured herself some tea and helped herself to the porridge.
“The cargo is ready for the stopover at Goldengrain, sir.” she reported. “River expects we should be there in about three hours. Simon don’t have a clinic scheduled, but if you have anything to do, we could send out a general wave for a dropin clinic.”
Mal was considering. “There’s a good library service on Goldengrain. What town are we stoppin’ at? Hope and Derry could get some new books. I think they have a toy and game library too.”
Kaylee stood up and dashed out of the kitchen.
“You gonna make an announcement soon, sir?”


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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