Mal woke curled around his sleeping wife’s back,her head tucked under his chin, his cock between her thighs.
Contentedly,he reviewed the coming day.
They were carrying a cargo of glassware from industrial Dyton to the agricultural moon Silverhold where the farmers had set up a cooperative canning plant.
Simon was there running  clinics since the moon did not have a full time doctor, just a few nursing stations. His husband, David Chen, had qualified as a midwife a year earlier, and was with him, reviewing the current crop of pregnancies.
 Mal smirked, recalling Davids’ exceedingly detailed description of a difficult birth to an appalled Jayne, where the unfortunate mother had received no analgesics until she arrived in her tenth hour of labour, and a lot of vividly described damage had occurred before the baby was born , safely, although the woman required Simon’s surgical skills. The mercenary had spent the next week being very attentive to the mothers on the crew.
The medics would meet them at the Silverhold shipyard, flying in from their last small town clinic in the shuttle they made their home.
Simon’s sister, River Tam, would be on the bridge in a few hours ready to land them. At this early hour, Mal expected her apprentice, young Hope Washburne, would be on watch. She had decided to be a pilot like the father she had never known and at twelve took regular watches in the Black, and was even launching Serenity from more isolated docks, where collisions with other spacecraft were unlikely.
Mal kissed his sleeping wife’s nape, and she sighed and cuddled in closer, but did not wake. His big hands captured her full breasts, his thumbs rubbing her nipples. He weighed each like a sweet peach, full and ripe.  Mal curled his head down to kiss Kaylee’s ear.  Although the baby still shared their room, moving Derry into his own bunk meant that Mal and Kaylee could forgo nightclothes and sleep skin to skin. Mal stretched his long torso against Kaylee’s curves. He played with her full tits. He loved those tits. The were just slightly bigger than a handful, but then he had big hands. Firm even after nursing two babies. Kaylee’s breasts were a miracle. He didn’t know that the mechanic had slightly lowered the ship’s gravity , just a tad, but enough that the relentless pull did not affect the Serenity women’s attributes as much as would be expected. Some women might consider using corseting and mascara for minor improvements to their charms. Kaylee came up with her own solutions to any problem she saw.
Kaylee slept on. Mal pressed back against the bulkhead listening with his body, as Kaylee had taught him,  to the ship’s murmur. All felt right. Mal kissed the top of Kaylee’s head and pulled her even closer. Their baby girl slept in her crib across the small cabin. Still too young in her mother’s opinion, for her own dorm, Mal  was already considering where she should be moved when the time came. While he would not dare to say anything to his wife, his sexy, horny wife, he did find the presence of even a sleeping toddler a restraint on his husbandly activities.
And all the baby equipment in the captain’s quarters meant that the bookkeeping and other paperwork took over the kitchen table far too often.
Zoe actually did most of that, Mal admitted to himself. His bookkeeping skills were erratic, unlike those of his calm first mate, who kept as clean a set of books as any hundan Alliance customs agent or police officer could want.
And the real books were just as carefully kept, especially since those were the numbers the crew’s pay was based on.
And there was pay. More than enough.
Meeting Perse Allyene and becoming his contractors of choice for his Core employers had radically changed their fortunes. Serenity was still a smuggling ship; Perseus and Zoe came from a long line of smugglers, rum runners, and pirates; but Mal had learned that while crime could be fun, even hilarious,  the real steady cashy money was in legal cargo runs with clean paperwork and trustworthy customers at both ends.
His thoughts went to Badger, that pillar of the Eavesdowne Docks Business Association. As Alliance control slowly reclaimed  the rebel Independent worlds, Badger had adapted. He had married into a polyamorous community which had organizing and trade skills well beyond those of the little thug. That family had also prospered. Their trade was mostly in entertainment services these days, running cinemas, restaurants, brothels, bars and themed amusement parks, on Persephone and its moons. One of his husbands was already a city councillor and Mal had heard that a wife, once a dockyard madam, was being considered as a parliamentary candidate by an Alliance friendly party pushing for stronger police and peacekeeping forces on the Rim.
Mal hated such ideas, though as a parent, he had to admit , gorramit, that there were advantages in being sure that a job nowadays would be more likely to end in getting paid rather than getting shot.
Mal found the curve of Kaylee’s hip. His big hand lingered there, fingers splayed and curving to stroke her lower back again and again, tracing and re-tracing that gentle sloping valley. Kaylee shifted in his arms making an incoherent mumble. Mal’s left arm,caught below Kaylee, had fallen asleep.
The Alliance’s propaganda about “Peace Order and Good Government” rankled Mal’s Browncoat sensibilities. Before the War , taxes went to the Core, leaving the Rim worlds starved as the fruits they laboured for disappeared leaving them poor, undereducated, sick and at the mercy of any strong arm that appeared, whether or not he admitted to being a criminal. Burgess, Higgins,  Patience, Niska ware all part of the problem for all they claimed Independent sympathies.
But after the War the Alliance started extending their reach, keeping the peace, sending in teachers and medics, and police,  and the settlers were seeing the fruits of their taxes.
The Silverhold farmers had had a hardscrabble existence over the past century since they arrived as pioneers on the newly terraformed world.
There was a train service now between all the towns of the moon. Serenity’s cargo was destined for a county town, easily reached by train, that had seen only fly-in traders before the War. Now there was a community-owned freezing and canning plant to preserve and distribute  their foodstuffs across their world and to the rest of their planetary system. And just as the honest Sheriff of Paradiso ran a peaceful stable community, “good government” was making the Rim worlds more prosperous.
Which made Serenity more prosperous too. Mal actually had money in the bank. Not a real bank, he’d robbed too many of those to trust them, but platinum was buried under an outbuilding on Kaylee’s parent’s property.
Mal liked cash money over any banker’s promises.
And there was a lot of coin. Mal and Kaylee were considering serious change in their lives.
Mal had come up on a ranch. When they landed on a rural world, it was his practice to hire transport , whether an automobile, hover, or horse, and ride out to where the buildings were few and the land was green. Sometimes he thought his future could be in ranching.
Kaylee loved Serenity but oddly, as she worked on the old girl, now using the new parts and upgraded components they could afford, she longed for a little more scope. Their visits to her parents usually meant turning the kids over to her mum, while she worked with her father in his machine shop repairing farm machinery, spaceships, land transporters, hovercraft and all sorts of industrial equipment.
Her enthusiasm for the work made her husband very happy too. Kaylee would be the first to admit that engines made her hot. Mal’s cock, still between Kaylee’s thighs, stiffened remembering how she had almost devoured him on the floor of her daddy’s machine shop on the last night of their previous visit. Machine oil had become Mal’s favourite fragrance: that smell meant his lil Kaylee was about to go down on him and suck him dry, or ride him until his brains leaked out his ears, or even just kiss him until his cock was so hard and hot that he was going to die if she didn’t open those creamy thighs and let him plow her tight and hot until they both screamed.
But screaming was out of the question on Serenity. Not with Babygirl across the room. Snoring. Who knew tiny critters like that could snore?
Mal rubbed his cock between her thighs, stiffening, but Kaylee slept on. He sighed.
Was there enough money for a ranch near the Frye machine shop?
Or would they be better to buy another transport ship? How could they crew another boat? River would never want to leave Serenity. Most people  would see her as normal if a bit quirky – the boys she brought home to her bunk sometimes were a bit dazed by her decor of gauzy silks and sharp blades- but the crew understood that the routine of Serenity was important to her stability. Even having passengers on the boat made her hide on the bridge or in her bunk, rather than joining the crew in games of nameless ball or Tall Card. The damage done to her meant she would always need supervision, if only to calm her when she was overcome by fears, sometimes her own, sometimes from others near her.
A second ship would mean hiring new people.  If River stayed on Serenity she would need a captain with trading skills and an excellent mechanic. How old was Serenity anyway? Near on fifty years of service, and always in need of Kaylee’s pampering.
Zoe might like to captain a newer ship. She had the skill and in a few years Hope would be old enough to be the official pilot. She’d need an experienced pilot until then; and a mechanic if they chose an older cargo ship. He’d have to talk to Kaylee about whether she could keep both boats going without actually being on board.
Which left Jayne. He was a loyal and useful crewman, but it would be out of the question to allow him to captain a spaceship .
And would Kaylee be happier planetside? She loved her parents and had often talked of opening a machine shop with her daddy- but would she quit the Black for that?
Would he?
“Good mornin’, darlin'”
“I don’t know how to tell you this, but seems overnight, I’ve grown a penis.”
“That’s confusin’, darlin’. Don’t know how I feel about chicks with dicks.”
“Mmm.” Kaylee squeezed her thighs together. “It seems t’ be growin’ too.”
“It does that.”
“I’ll have to do somethin’ about it, but right now, I really gotta pee.” she slipped out of his embrace and stood, stretching. Mal admired her perky buttocks as she pattered across the small room and slipped behind the modesty curtain. After flushing and a quick sponge down with a washcloth, Kaylee checked that the baby was still sleeping and bounced back into his arms.
“It seems to have gone away” Mal smiled.
“Nope, I found it right here.” she slid onto her back and pulled him on top, giving him a deep kiss. Even first thing his mouth was sweet and fresh.
His hands were pretty fresh too, roaming in all kinds of impertinent ways. Kaylee giggled and let her own hands roam, cupping his round bottom and pulled him closer. His morning erection was stiff and hot against her belly.
“I think I need that inside me, right now, Mal.”
“Bossy. Who’s the captain here?”
“Here? Right now? Me. Gimme.”
He laughed and slid into her hot centre. Familiar and always new. She gasped as he pushed her open and moaned quietly as he moved deeper. She wrapped her legs around him, the movement allowing him deeper into her core.
“Hao bu hao. The best morning ever.”
“Bao bei, every morning is the best morning if you’re here.”


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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