While Kaylee and Simon are lovers

_____________________________________________________________Her visit to the Madrassa on Boros had upset Inara’s internal clock, and though Serenity had been dark for some hours, she had been unable to settle in for sleep.
She pushed back the silk duvet and, dressed in a light wool kimono and padded slippers against the chill of the cargo bay, headed down to the common room for a book or perhaps some chamomile tea.
Mal was at the table, staring at a glass. A bottle of white whiskey, not Kaylee’s interengine potion, but something stronger from a Boros tavern sat in front of him. It was practically full.
“Trouble sleeping, Mal?” she asked gently.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, Nara. I don’t ever sleep good these days.”
“Mmm. Mostly, I guess. Wash. 狗屁 I put us out there where the Reavers…”
“And when you did, you started a revolution. You couldn’t know what it would cost.”
“But it did cost. Wash …. we argued all the time, but he was prolly the closest thing I had to a friend on the ship.”
“We are all friends, Mal. At least, I hope we all are.”
“Yeah, mebbe, but Wash … I was his boss so he did what I said, but he thought about it first and he would tell me if he disagreed. And he had skills I don’t , never will. And he had Zoe…Will Zoe ever forgive me? For the rest… who knows what River is thinkin? Jayne? Keep him fed and he is as happy as he is likely to ever be. Simon and Kaylee….”
“They seem happy to be together, at least.”
Mal grunted.
Inara considered. Her training had certainly covered this kind of melancholy and how to help her clients out of it.
She had long stood by her decision that she would not service crew, but her fond relationships with the women on the ship had made her understand that she could counsel her friends without making them clients.
“Put that moonshine away, Mal. Come back to my shuttle with me where we can talk more comfortably.”
Surprisingly, Mal made no argument. He put the bottle away in his private food locker and followed Inara without a word, in a sort of dream.
In the shuttle, Inara boiled water on her little stove for tea. Mint and hibiscus with some orange peel and rosehips, a refreshing brew but not one with stimulants. She served Mal, geisha style, kneeling before him with the cup as he sat on her couch.
He looked irritated, she was happy to see. “Get up and act like a proper woman, not some slave,” he barked.
Inara laughed. “Well I was down here making the tea, it actually seemed easier to give it to you that way. No slavery involved.”
“Sorry, Nara. I’m always sayin  the wrong thing around you, ain’t I?”
“As often as not. We’ve both found it difficult to be honest with each other.  Unless you count insults as being honest.”
“I thought there was some truthiness behind my insults.”
“Mmmm. Truthiness is not truth. It ‘s just a seeming of truth. It won’t stand up to honest scrutiny.”
“Have I ever not been honest with you, Nara?’
“Oh, often. But I don’t think you knew you were, and I mostly forgave you for being such a proud and stubborn hundan.”
“Sometimes…. sometimes I say stuff because I don’t want to say ….”
“Yes. I think it’s called being human.”
Mal sipped the tea. And burned his tongue.
“Oorgh. Tha’s . Ow.”
Inara giggled. “Here’s some cold water to take the sting away. I should have kept it back for a minute.”
Mal held the cold water in his mouth a moment before swallowing, then he stuck his tongue out and blew over it. “Still hurts.”
“Perhaps I should kiss it better, ” laughed Inara.
Mal froze.
Inara was thinking this was one of the stupidest things she had ever done, as she leaned up and kissed Mal’s tongue. Then she opened her lips and pulled it into her own mouth. She gazed into Mal’s shocked eyes and then closed her own and stroked his tongue gently with hers.
Mal took a delayed breath and embraced her, lifting her to his broad chest and leaning back so that she lay on him. He did not close his eyes, but looked at her more closely more intimately than he had ever done in the years they had flown together, sparred together, and yes, longed for each other.
This close he could see the artifice that made her skin appear perfect. Her brows were carefully tweezed, though there were tiny hairs just beneath the skin ready to appear. Her lashes were naturally long and thick, but cosmetic made them a little darker and delicately added liner perfected her eyes.
There was even a white hair among her glossy tresses.
But her mouth was sweet, her lips full and soft. And her tongue caressed his mouth, his lips. He grasped her hair, thick and smooth, and pulled her closer.
“We’ve wasted a lot of time, Nara,” he whispered. She nodded, without breaking their kiss.
For long minutes, they lay together. She could hear his heart beating steadily and his arms held her close without tension or strain. He was entranced by the softness of her curves. Somehow he had always believed that her figure was in part achieved by clever corseting, although the thin silks and fluttering organzas she wore could never have hidden such structures.
He didn’t even think she wore a bra. Or panties. As he recovered from the awe of that first kiss, he tentatively slid his hand down her back. No undergarments. The discovery brought a rush of blood to his cheeks and to his cock.
Inara sighed. “I want to see it.” she said.
“What?” he asked, confused.
“Your penis.” she explained.
“Uh, okay, but… you have. That time on Bellepheron with Saffron….”
“Not like now, though.” She ground her hips against him.”Ready for action.” And she gave him a truly dirty grin. “Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”
Mal laughed. “You go first.”
Inara was often did a slow strip for clients, but usually she started with more garments. Since she was already in her nightwear, she had little to work with. She pulled the belt from her kimono out of its loops, and wound it around Mal’s neck, pulling him gently in for a deep kiss. His big hands moved around her tiny waist and she shrugged the coat off her shoulders.  Her nightgown, almost transparent gold silk, had thin straps tied at the shoulders. She pulled the bow and the strap fell, pulling her gown almost off her breast. Mal was hypnotized by the slow exposure. She reached for the other bow, but he pulled the end first and the gown slid to her waist. She could feel Mal’s cock stiffen further. That heat on her belly was exciting to her too.
“Your turn.” she whispered, but Mal seemed unable to let go of her waist and his eyes were glued to her breasts. He was also breathing hard.
Inara undid the first button on his red shirt. Then the next , the next, the next. She pushed the shirt open to expose his smooth pecs, then rubbed her breasts against them. Mal gasped.
“Suspenders.” she ordered, and Mal rapidly pushed them down and removed his shirt. She ran her hands over his broad shoulders and strong biceps, then straightening up until her chest was level with his face, she pulled on the belt again. Mal found her breast with his mouth and sucked hard on her nipple. Inara shuddered in delight.
Mal  pushed her kimono and gown from her waist to the floor, leaving her naked. His hands found her ass. Each perfect buttock just fit his hand.
Inara shook her hair back from her face and arched into his body. “Mal, please, Mal, pants?” she whispered. His tongue was circling her nipple and the tension was rising in her belly. “Please, Mal, please.”
She released the belt and slid her hands between them, working to unbutton his heavy khaki pants. They were army pants, designed for easy repair, but not apparently for quick removal. The fly was on the side and was all buttons. But she succeeded and could feel his cock spring free from its prison.
But he was still holding her so close that she couldn’t see it. And she wanted to look. She pulled back, his mouth making a pop as her breast released.  He moaned.
“Come to bed,” she whispered and stood. He sat and stared at her with glazed eyes. Her black hair tumbled down her back, skimming her golden shoulders. Her breasts stood proud and her mons was decorated with only the most delicate strip of black curls. She was a goddess of love and her hand reached out for him.
Mal felt clumsy and oversized looking at her. She barely reached his shoulder when he stood,  his pants bunched around his knees. He tried to step towards her, but half tripped on the fabric. He toed off his thin indoor shoes and kicked off the pants. His hand reflexively covered his crotch.
Inara smiled. She saw a tall, broad, well muscled mature man, with the pale skin that was called “spacer’s tan”. And with a lovely cock. Kaylee had been very descriptive one night when they had been testing her Inter-Engine brew. And her description had been very accurate. About 20 centimetres and quite thick, circumcised (which Kaylee thought a pity) and very pink. Inara was delighted. A small cock, well played, could be all a girl needed, but something more substantial was even better.
And Kaylee had also made it clear that Mal knew how to use his equipment. Inara, used to clients who had hired her because they had sexual problems, wanted to test her friend’s opinion. Badly.
Smiling she walked backwards to the bed, holding his hand to guide him.  “Please, Mal?”
He was … shy, she realized. He didn’t seem to believe that after all this time, she had dropped the barriers and actually wanted him. His body, his heart. She wasn’t sure what she wanted tomorrow, but right now, she wanted his arms around her and his cock inside her.
Inara reached out and grasped his hand, bringing him to her as she sat on the bed. She lay back, her hand encouraging him to join her, to lay beside her.


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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