ON A BLUE SUN WORLD – An Interesting Proposition

Simon and David took the commuter train to the Blue Sun offices. There was a small delay at the door. When David made the appointment he had given his own name, but Simon had only been recorded as ‘and husband’ so their appointment was under the names David and Simon Chen.
Their appointment was with Doctor Hervé Maracle, himself a bacteriologist. He was a sturdy man, broad but not tall, who, like David, wore his black hair in a long pigtail down his back.
Your prospectus was very interesting. Not just the disease mutation itself but the predictions. If those progressions prove out, we will have an invaluable tool for stopping epidemics as soon as they are reported and much improved methods for preparing vaccines and anti-serums that will allow the body to self immunize against new strains. ‘
‘That’s why we wanted to use your DNA sequencing equipment. There’s nothing as sophisticated here on the Rim, even the Border. And we rarely manage to get to the Core.’ Simon explained.’My father’s company prepared a contract for the use of the data. It was intended to protect our interests, of course, but gives Blue Sun both immediate payment for the use of the equipment and first option on any future production.’
‘Yes, our legal department looked it over and it is satisfactory, Dr. Chen.’
‘Tam, Simon Tam. There was some confusion at reception. My husband is David Chen.’
‘Oh. So you are Dr. Chen.’
‘No, my degree is a BSc in Nursing. I’m a registered nurse and midwife. Simon holds the medical degree.’
‘Not a problem. I apologize for the confusion. This does mean that the contract will need minor modifications, just for the names.’
Dr. Maracle commed, ‘Sir, the gentlemen with the mutation prediction system are here. I have the contracts but we have the researchers’ names wrong.’ He listened. ‘Yes, the primary name should be Simon Tam, MD, with the secondary as David Chen, BSc-N. Do either of you have middle names?’
‘Simon Gabriel Tam and David Commanda Chen.’
‘Thank you, ‘ he smiled, ‘We may have common ancestors, Mr. Chen.’
‘It’s a small ‘Verse.’
‘We can go run the DNA samples now while the paperwork is being prepared. Shall we?’

 Image David Commanda Chen


About femmefan1946

Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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