Looks like a busy day for everyone. Scatterin to the four winds and doin business every which way.”

David set up the appointment at Blue Sun Pharma. We’ll head out there by the metro and taxi from the terminal to their offices. I think our work identifying the viral mutation will stand their scrutiny but we need their help with the DNA testing.”

Don’t see the money in it. Lotta work for nuthin.”

It’s reputation, Jayne.” said David. “Simon can use the moral capital from identifying a new disease and his suggestions towards a cure to keep his name clear and keep us and River safe.”

Our work, dear,” said his husband softly.

Jayne snorted.

Look at it this way,” David continued.” You work out every day so you can keep your body in shape because that’s your reputation. Tough and strong.”

And fast and a good tracker.”

Okay. Simon has to keep his medical credentials up to date, not just licensing , but his name as a scientist or he becomes just another backwoods practitioner. The people who count to respect him if only so he can draw on their goodwill in the future.”

And I want the egoboo,” murmured Simon.

Kaylee laughed and punched his arm. “For a fella as smart as you, you’re never prideful. No moren you deserve.”

You’re not always a boob, ge ge,” said River, kissing her brother’s hair.

Well, you were part of the research team too, mei mei. It’s your predictions of the DNA changes that we will be checking at Blue Sun.”

River stiffened, “He wasn’t there again today. I wish to God he’d go away.” She shook herself, “Is there syrup?”

‘Are you sure about taking Derry to see about the Silverhold contract? He could come with us,” asked his mother.

Time for him to learn the wheelin and dealin side of Alleyne Reynolds Transport, Kaylee”

Sides he’s better at figgerin than his old man.”

I’ll not deny the boy is quick with numbers. We’ll be doin some fancy work on this contract an he c’d be useful.”

Derry, seated with the other children, ducked his head bashfully at the praise. Beege, his little sister, poked him.Image


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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