Eyes Wide Shut


Mal always made love ith his eyes open. He loved to watch his partner and gauge her response. It made him a more sensitive lover.
Kaylee noticed that Mal sometimes closed his eyes when the sex got a little rougher. When his deep gentle kisses moved from firm to hard. When little nips drew blood, when his confident thrusts become aggressive, moving from shared pleasure to selfish lust. Not that Kaylee had anything against lust. It was her lust for her handsome captain that had kickstarted their satisfyingly carnal relationship . But their relationship had always included friendship and respect. When Mal closed his yes, Kaylee felt as if she was not there for him.
And Kaylee noticed a pattern. Mal started closing his eyes after he rented out the shuttle to Inara Serra, a Registered Companion. And when Mal had argued with Inara, which was often, Mal became aggressive.
Kaylee strolled back to her bunk with the last of a loud disagreement between the captain and the Companion echoing from the empty cargo bay. Mal stamped past her, broad shoulders set and stiff.
He looked at here with tight lips. She touched his bicep gently, making him pause on the companionway. “Malcolm?”
His breath slowed and he pulled her to his chest. She wrapped her arm around his tense body and niggle her head under his arm.
“Malcolm? Sweetie?”
He hugged her tighter, his eyes closed. She felt his cock stiffen against her. He bend down to kiss her savagely, pushing her against the wall.
“Malcolm.” she gasped. “Say my name, say my name.”
“Bao bei,” he moaned
“No, stop, my name. Captain!” She pushed him away. He tried to keep her trapped, but she inserted her leg between his and shoved as hard as she could. He started at the sudden threat. He looked down at her angry face.

“Kaylee? Wǒ zài zuò shénme ma? Oh, oh… I’m sorry. What…I’m sorry Kaylee darlin. I.. I’m sorry”
“Captain.” she freed herself from his loosened embrace and marched to her engine room, closing the door behind her with a clang.
“Kaywinnet…” Mal slammed his fit into the metal wall.


About femmefan1946

Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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