Inbound- silk, linen cloth, linen shirts, gems, processed foodstuffs, medical raw materials
Outbound- silk, linen cloth, linen shirts, gems, processed foodstuffs, medical raw materials

‘How does that feel now, Derry?’ asked Simon.
‘Have a real good scratch and then go have a shower and wash your arm well. Get rid of all the sweat and dead skin cells that built up under the cast.’
“I really stink, don’t I?’ Derry remarked proudly.
The doctor laughed. ‘Yes, you do. And you don’t want to offend.’
‘I was hopin I could keep the cast on til we left Hera.’
‘You need to do some exercises to get your strength back in that arm. You haven’t been able to use a fork in that hand for weeks, never mind chopsticks.’
‘But we’ll be see in the crew from Pretty Baby an I wanted Uncle Monty to sign it.’
‘He prolly wouldn’t, Derry. An then he’d feel bad for disappointin you,’ David explained. To his husband he said, ‘I don’t think any of his father’s pirate colleagues want anythin that could formally tie them together.’
Derry goggled, ‘Are the purple bellies gonna seize my cast?’
‘I doubt it. And they’d need a warrant. And I don’t think we’re smuggling anythin at the moment. All strictly legal and accounted for. And finally, if we hide our trail, the purple bellies ain’t smart enough to think of checkin your cast for names.’
“We have lots of smuggled stuff aboard, David,’ said Derry. ‘The capt’n and Zoe got some real pretty jewels on Ugarit. He was showing them to Mummy. An Zoe has more of that silk than she got paper for. And some of the linen cloth from way back on Silverhold. I dunno about the canned stuff or your stash of medical stuff.’
‘Haven’t you been told about discussing cargo?’
‘What happens on Serenity, stays on Serenity, sir.’
‘That includes discussing cargo. That’s your father’s job. You don’t need to know anything. And the ‘medical stuff’ is all strictly legal.’ said Simon sharply.
David looked away, avoiding Simon’s eyes.
‘Anyway,’ continued Simon, ‘ You’re as good as new. Take the rubber ball and squeeze it often to build up your hand and arm muscles. Tomorrow talk to Jayne about some weight lifts, but not today.’
Derry took the blue fibreglass cast with him.

‘Our cargo is strictly legal, isn’t it, honey?’ asked Simon.
‘Well, mostly,’ his husband said.
‘What in the nine arms of Kali are you thinking? We’re on the New Canaan Run to let our names cool off. I really don’t need to be pulled in over some piddling customs declaration.’
‘It’s well hidden and the payment will be real good.’
‘You sound like Jayne.’ David stiffened. ‘Tell me what you brought on board and where it is.’
‘Below the drawers under the bed in River’s old room. Raw opium for a customer on Summerfair’
‘Then we get rid of it on Hera. Mal would be furious about having illegal drugs on board.’
‘Some of our legal cargo is opiate based.’
‘But you have to have known that raw opium is not going to the medical buyers. Your buyers are dealing in the black market. And you don’t get much blacker than opium.’
David wanted to run after Simon. He rallied now that, of all the crew, Simon was the least willing to accept criminal action as normal.
He also realized that unlike his other homeopathic purchases, the sticky brown paste could get them in real trouble with the feds.

Well, he had fifteen weeks to find a buyer before they landed on Hera. And there would be stops before then.

Perhaps Deadwood would have a buyer. Rim worlds were much more understanding about ‘private imports’.


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Retired professional writer and editor. Nominated for an Aurora Award for work on CAN-CON 2014, which concentrates on introducing new and aspiring writers and artists to agents, editors and publishers.
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